Serving Rainbows, Snow and Smiles

When only the best will do, choose Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice!

Our name, Hu'i Hu'i, means COOL in Hawaiian.  Cool is regarded as a state of well-being, balance and self-control.  Living without conflict.  Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice believes everyone should strive to LIVE COOL--the reason for our motto.  


At your event we want you to let go and experience a taste of the islands with us.  When you think of a tropical paradise like Hawaii a few things come to mind:  Sunshine, surf, pristine beaches, stunning sunsets, soaring waterfalls, rainbows and, of course, the very best shave ice.


Our goal at Hu’i Hu’i Shave Ice is to bring your event or fundraiser a sense of the islands while enjoying the same great tasting shave ice you find in Hawaii!  Think of it as paradise in a cup.


This is not a snow cone!  We shave our block ice so fine and fluffy it mimics fresh fallen snow.  Then we pile it really high and color it with lip smacking, fruity tasting, freshly made syrups with pure cane sugar that explode with tropical flavors of the island--like Mango, our famous 805 Strawberry and Coconut to name a few. A treat so cool, so colorful and so refreshing you’ll want to savor every bite and when you finish you’ll wish you had just a little more. (Doesn’t it make you want one this very minute?) Hu’i Hu’i Shave Ice couldn’t be more thrilled to share this authentic island experience with you!


We offer something for everyone.  From our original tropical fruit flavors to  our 100% Natural Fruit Juice flavors.

At Hu’i Hu’i Shave Ice we know you want your event to be perfect in every way.  Let us cater an event your guest will still be talking about weeks later.! Contact to book your next cool story. 

DON’T LET YOUR NEXT CELEBRATION MELT Live cool with Hu’i Hu’i Shave Ice. Let us bring some cool aloha spirit your next event or School FUNdraiser!

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