Colors of a Rainbow

by Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice


Serving Size: 1

Time to make: 3 minutes

Tools: Ice Shaver


Ingredients: Flower Cup

16 oz. of Shave Ice

2 oz. of Cherry Authentic Shave Ice Syrup flavor

2 oz. of Banana Authentic Shave Ice Syrup flavor

2 oz. of Blue Ras’Berry Authentic Shave Ice Syrup


Instructions: To begin, shave 16 ounces of ice into a cup or bowl.

Next, starting on the left side, pour in a straight line the Cherry Authentic Shave Ice Syrup flavor covering about 1/3 of the ice.

Next, pour Blue Ras’berry Authentic Shave Ice Syrup flavor syrup on the right side in a straight line, covering another 1/3 of the ice.

Finish by filling the center section with Banana Authentic Shave Ice Syrup flavor.

Overlap the Banana syrup slightly with the red and blue syrup to create the rainbow.


With only three flavors, you will have five vibrant colors!

Serve with a spoon or spoon-straw.

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