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Recently, Hui Hui Shave Ice Company purchased

A Coney Island based company from the 1920's, and in the transporting of the three kiosks we purchased, we only got 2 and they both arrived severely damaged, and one got stolen on the way!. Talk about the driver maybe having a three Martini Lunch!. This, our version of a very bad, no good, horrible day has delayed our roll out of Dan's Cotton Candy a while now.


The restoration of one Final Remaining Dan's Cotton Candy kiosk known to exist is nearly complete, the Patent we also purchased has been transferred successfully for this unique method of delivering Cotton Candy, and we are excited to now offer this service to our clients.

Ideally, we are looking for a permanent setting at a location such as an Amusement Park, Outdoor Mall type of placement. Goes great during the holidays. If you stumbled across this page and you just happen to own an Amusement Park, or Marina Shopping Village, contact us, and check out some of the Ready to Print Promotionals by clicking here.

"makemake mākou e hoʻolohe mai iā ʻoe, loaʻa ka ʻōlelo lanakila a mākou e makemake ai e kūkā pū me ʻoe". - Mahalo

We have a collection of 27 Authentic Flavors for Dan's Cotton Candy ©

Event booking begins around February 2020 and should fill up fast. Check out the promotional video to see it in action. Book your Event Today.

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