I used Hu'i Hu'i to cater my 200+ guests wedding event and they were, by far, MY FAVORITE VENDOR to work with.  This was because they were so efficient from start to finish, not only at the actual event, but even with the communication when I first reached out to them for a quote weeks beforehand.

- turnaround time for replies to my emails were minutes!
- 1 page easy-to-read contract that was straightforward with no guesswork
- once the contract was signed, I didn't have to worry about them anymore (and when you're planning a wedding, it is such a relief just to even get one vendor taken care of and off your plate)
- first vendor to appear at the venue and set-up, ready to serve the moment the first guests arrived
- super cute Hawaiian setup with a full-size surfboard listing all the shave ice flavors I chose (fyi, they have LOTS of flavors and helped me pick some of the most popular ones)
- most importantly, the shave ice was DELICIOUS --- and it's the real deal legit shave ice that's light and feathery flakes of snow, not that crunchy wanna-be stuff

None!  I wish the transactions with all my other wedding vendors had been as easy!

I will definitely use Hu'i Hu'i again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone else thinking about shave ice catering!!!!

Thanks to Cheryl L for her comments

Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice came to my niece's 6th birthday this past weekend. I cannot stop raving about how great the customer service was--the guests of the party loved them too!  People couldn't stop talking about them!The two ladies that came, set up a cute area for the Hawaiian shave ice. They were so happy and inviting. They had this adorable sign with my niece's name on it plus the menu written out in chalk.

We had reserved them for 2 hours and only 50 cups, we ended up going over out limit, but they ended up staying longer and provided shave ice with a smile. I liked them because they didn't nickel and dime us. It was a huge hit at the party!!!!! Book them for your next party--you won't regret it!

Thanks to Salma M for your comments

We used hui hui for our baby shower about a year ago.  They were a total hit!  They are super friendly and super accommodating to everyone's needs.  They even let us use our own mix of flavors.  

Best of all, their presentation is amazing! Can't wait for the next event we book for!

Thank You, Vaish P for those awesome comments

Having shaved ice at our event was an unexpectedly brilliant decision.  It was easy to coordinate, they came on time, were efficient and clean, and the shaved ice was awesome.  It's the shaved ice that's like snow, not the larger, crushed pieces of ice.  I'm having them come to future events for sure.

Thanks Ludwik V for your comments. We love your Avitar!

You guys ROCK!!!  Everyone loved the shave ice!  Not only that, they said you guys were AWESOME!!!  Your booth was very cool and your flavors were the best!  I'm so glad we had you at our party!  Everything was perfect!!!  I highly recommend Hu'i Hu'i rain or shine!!! It was well worth it!!!!

Thank You Rhea E for your comments, - Mahalo

Wonderful Shave Ice! Great people always willing to help you out for any occasion or fundraiser.  Book them now!

Thank you Lisa C from Lihue, Hawaii for your comments - He hauʻoli nō mākou e lawelawe iā ʻoe

Thank you Jessie W for your comments - 

Mahalo i kou ʻōlelo, e kau mai ana ka hau kahiki hou iā mākou

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