The Dipped Delight

by Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice


Serving Size: 1

Time to make: 2 minutes

Tools: Ice Shaver



Flower Cup

10 oz. of Shave Ice

4.0 ounces of Cherry Flavor Authentic Flavor Syrup

1 scoop Vanilla Home Made Ice Cream Whipped Cream (optional)

Sprinkles, and one Maraschino Cherry


Instructions: Begin by adding one scoop of Vanilla Home Made Ice Cream into a Flower Cup.

Clear cups work well for this recipe. Next, fill the rest of your container with Shave Ice and top with Cherry Authentic Flavor Syrup, or any other pink to red related Flavor, (Not Lemonade), then add some whipped cream or festive Valentines Day Sprinkles.


A Maraschino Cherry tops this recipe off well.

Serve with a spoon or two to share with a friend.

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